Sandra's Video Vault

Enjoy these videos of Sandy in 3-"D"...
Dramatic, Delightful & Diva-licious!

CLIP - “I Am The…”

In this dramatic clip from the web series “I Am The…” Sandra Marshall portrays a drunk driver who causes a fatality.

DirecTV Commercial (with Chrissy Teigen & Hailey Clauson)

Sandra Marshall steals the limelight from Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Clauson in this hilarious spot for DirecTV.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Watch Sandy portray the 'cooking diva' Paula Deen in this hysterical spoof commercial that was on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

Spirit of a Denture

This a fantastic short film with Sandra and Kevin Spacey. If you like pirates and hate going to the dentist then this is a "must-watch"! Enjoy!

Subaru Commercial

What happens when you put Sandra in the "shotgun" seat of a speeding Subaru with a pro-rally driver behind the wheel? PURE COMEDY GOLD!

Stand-Up with Sandra

Sandra takes the stage at the Hollywood Improv and provides the audience with plenty of laughs!

Demo Reel (1 Min.)

See Sandra at work in this 1 minute demo reel. Be careful though... In just 60 seconds you may find yourself under her magical spell!

Demo Reel (2 Min.)

60 seconds is only plenty of time to showcase your talent if you are talentless... which Sandra is not. That's why there is this 2 minute demo reel!

Demo Reel (6 Min.)

Due to public pressure for "more Sandra" we dug deep into the archives to bring you the long version of Sandra's demo reel. Sit back & enjoy!

Interview on ActorsE

Sandra was a hit on the Actors Entertainment show, "ActorsE Chat". Learn all you ever wanted to know about Sandy... but were afraid to ask!

Smart Scoop Commercial

The two things that are all the rage on the internet are finally together...